“Moo & Oink has long been a staple in the African American community in Chicago, and for the first time in its 150 year history, Moo & Oink is minority owned.”

Robert M. Beavers Jr.
Chairman and CEO
Best Chicago Meat Company, LLC

About Us

Moo & Oink is famous for its Chicago-style full and meaty rib tips, hot links, sausages,
breakfast links and patties, chicken nuggets and the best darn BBQ sauce known to man.
Moo & Oink is a legendary brand that enjoys a large and loyal following. Why? It’s
because of the strong commitment to making the very best meat products and grilling

Moo & Oink is great tasting and affordable, and any occasion is a success when cooking
or grilling is involved. Whether at a barbeque in a park, on the grill at home, or for
Sunday dinner with the family, Moo & Oink is real people food


Moo & Oink is famous and not just on the South Side of Chicago. Tina Fey and Amy
Poehler sang the Moo & Oink jingle on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live in order
to prove that they were native Chicago White Sox Fans. Now that’s fame!

The company was founded 150 years ago and at its zenith, operated four stores, three
in Chicago and one in Hazel Crest. In 2011, the four stores closed forever. However,
Best Chicago Meat Company, LLC, rescued the products when it bought the Moo & Oink
name, logo, characters, website, commercial jingle and perhaps most important-it’s
recipes. Today, Moo & Oink products are back on the shelves at grocery stores in
Chicagoland, Indiana and Michigan.

Moo & Oink’s ambassadors are Moo and his pal Oink. A human-sized cow and pig (with
people inside the costumes) are a hit at store events and special promotions. Everyone
smiles at these iconic characters. And why not? Moo & Oink is about get-togethers
and well,…happiness.