Real Men Cook

Real Men Charities, Inc. is the national not-for-profit organization that presents the Real Men Cook events. Donated Funds to Real Men Charities, Inc. are used to build and continue programs to honor fathers and father figures, to empower families and perpetuate the memory and spirit of Karega Kofi Moyo and Yvette Moyo Gillard, who founded the annual Father's Day event. This is done by the encouragement and promotion of education through voluntary grants, by scholarships or otherwise to individuals, institutions, and organizations. Moo & Oink will be sponsoring the Real men Cook Father's Day event for 2012!

Food Bank of Northwest Indiana

The Food Bank of Northwest Indiana’s mission is to provide nutritional support to those in need of hunger relief through its network of 100 community agencies across Lake & Porter Counties-with the ongoing focus of ending hunger and helping individuals in our communities move toward self-sufficiency. Moo & Oink is proud to support this wonderful mission. For 2012, Moo & Oink sponsored the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana’s 30th Birthday Carnival, and looks forward to supporting the fight to end hunger and feed hope in impoverished communities.

St. Mary’s Home-Little Sisters of the Poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor live to serve the elderly and spread love and compassion among all members of their family, including the Residents, staff and volunteers. They are proud to be one of the most highly rated nursing homes in Chicago. Their focus is creating a loving home where people of all religions feel like family and are treated with dignity and respect. Moo & Oink was pleased to be involved in their Fourth of July celebration by providing beef ends, sliders and burgers to the Little Sister’s community.