Chef Dwight Evans II Chitterlings

Chef Dwight Evans II Chitterlings
    5 LB bag of double washed chitterlings
    1 Medium potato, whole peeled
    2 Onions, whole peeled
    1 TBSP, white vinegar
    2 TBSP, seasoned salt
    1 TBSP, black pepper
    2 Green Onions
    1. Follow thawing instructions on Chitterling package.
    2. Once thawed place Chitterlings in prewashed sink. Thoroughly check the Chitterlings to make sure that all casing membrane and any unwanted product is removed and discarded.
    3. In a large stock pot, place the Chitterlings, onions, potato and vinegar. Cover with water (4 inch above the products).
    4. Add the Seasoned Salt & Pepper.
    5. Over a high heat bring to a boil, skim the impurities off the top then reduce to a simmer, cover and cook for 3 ½ - 4hours or until fork tender. Adjust seasonings to taste.
    6. Discard Onion and Potato before serving. Remove the Chitterlings from the cooking liquid, strain, and then serve in small bowl.